Helping Parents & Students Navigate the Twists and Turns of the College Prep Process

The vision of “The Next Chapter” in a young person’s life is shared by the whole family. However, uncertainty about the right fit, fluctuating deadlines, and varying acceptance criteria can be quite daunting without the right guidance.
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Helping Students and their Parents Navigate High School and the College Prep Process

About College Prep Roadmap


Your College Prep GPS

Use This Program To Directly and Effectively Direct Or Assist Your Child Through This Process.

I believe that any student that applies his or her self in High School and wants to go to college deserves expert guidance regardless of financial position.

The Navigation Session has been by far our most popular program. Everything a student and parent needs to successfully navigate the academic plan to create the best options for college acceptance.



10 Things Parents Wish They Would have known BEFORE it was TOO LATE!

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