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  • Confidently Prepare Your Teen For College

  • Reduce Uncertainty

  • Get In The Know About Fluctuating Deadlines

  • Stay Educated On Tasks During Each Grade Year

  • Reduce that Overwhelmed Feeling

  • Stop Guessing Next Steps


"It was an amazing session! Doreen gave us so much clarity and confidence. I learned so much about the process... and my son."

Lisa S. - Parent

"The College Prep Conversation was more like a battle. We were running out of time, but my daughter, Krystyl, and I could not talk about college without it turning into a big argument. Doreen met with us and everything seemed to turn around. Both my daughter and I felt so at ease when talking to Doreen. She set the plan and guided us expertly and lovingly all the way through the process and all the way through her college graduation."

Cassi A. - Parent

"Doreen put our daughter at ease and really reduced her stress level... always going above and beyond. Doreen helped her stay organized, and encouraged Haley to stay on top of her timeline. Our daughter was accepted into eight schools with academic scholarships. Hiring Doreen Moore was a great investment in our daughter’s future. "

Lisa C. - Parent

"Doreen helped me tremendously through the application process by helping me decide which classes would be best suited for my goals. Doreen's insight helped me so much when going through the entire process, even after acceptance with the best fit among my choices. Without her, the process would not have been nearly as smooth or stress-free!"

Grace T. - Student

"Doreen is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in navigating the college search and application process. The best part of working with Doreen is she was the one who kept our daughter, Kelsey, on track while enabling us to come along side and support her. This reduced the friction between parent and child during this very stressful process. The support and guidance we received from Doreen was critical to our daughter’s success in the college application process."

Sheila L. - Parent

"Doreen helped all four of our children, Zach, Maddie, Michael & Kat, with the college admissions process. My husband Dave and I are so grateful for Doreen's help! All four of our kids got accepted into the college of their choice! Having Doreen work directly with our kids made the process so much less stressful for both them and us. She helped us manage all of our emotions when it comes to college prep. We highly recommend Doreen to families who need help with the college admissions process. Doreen is knowledgeable, caring and a fun person for students and parents to work with! "

Cheri M. - Parent

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